How does it work?

We have a gorgeous collection of mixed metals - once you pick your favorite chain/charm (optional), we measure the chain to your wrist. From there, we close the bracelet with a jump ring, and then use a simple micro-welding pen to weld the jump ring closed.

What is the material?

We currently offer sterling silver, 14K gold filled, and 14K solid gold chains.

Is it *actually* permanent?

Yes, and no! We give you the option to add a clasp or go claspless.  If you want or need to remove it at any point, you can cut it off. We can always reattach it for you!

How long does the permanent jewelry process take?

Each process takes about 15 minutes. 

What if I have to cut it off and want it put back on?

Easy! You can book a reweld service with us for $15 by emailing

I'd love to do this with my family/friends. Do you do that?

Yes! If you want to book for a group (bachelorette party, girls weekend, moms night out, ya know). Please email us at

How much does it cost?

There is no fee for the process, just the price of the chain! Our chains are priced by the material.

More questions? Email us at!